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Hovland MusiCaps enable sensitive audio circuits to achieve their ultimate level of performance. By far the most musically accurate capacitor available, MusiCaps provide a dramatic improvement in clarity, focus and dynamics when used in critical new design, or as an upgrade to existing tube or solid-state components.

The MusiCap line also includes capacitors expressly designed for use in speakers. Speaker MusiCap are a revelation in well designed dynamic crossover networks, or as an upgrade to fine electrostatic speaker systems. A growing number of prominent high-end manufactures employ Hovland MusiCap in their top speaker models.

The no-compromise design of MusiCap dictates a painstaking manufacturing process using costly materials. The result is a quality product which, while not inexpensive, delivers immediately discernible benefits and will over the long run prove an exceptional value.

MusiCap Design MusiCap are constructed of a speical variety of foil and polypropylene film, rather than the sonically inferior deposited-particle "metalixed film" used in other popular capacitors. Polypropylene is chosen in part because of its superior ability to foam an intimate bond with the thin foil - neither teflon nor polystyrene mate as well. MusiCap are individually machine-rolled, and the leads are carefully hand-soldered using lead-free silver-bering solder. MusiCap leads are stranded, teflon insulated, silver-plated copper - a vast improvement over sound-degrading solid copper or steel leads. Inaddition, the winding method and density of MusiCap helps quell microphonic tendencies.

Sonic Consistency Fron the outset, attention was given to creating capacitors which maintain their musical qualities from the smallest to the largest value. Unlike other brands of capacitors which often sound diffent as the value changes, MusiCap proprietary design parameters result in remarkable value-to-value sonic consistency. 100% pre-testing and tight ±5% tolerances assure absolute quality.

Size As a result of the premium materials used to product MusiCap, they are approximately 100% larger than common metalized capacitors. Because of their greater size, 10µF is the largest MusiCap value we can make. You may combine MusiCap in parallel to obtain custom values or values larger than 10µF. Usage notes: MusiCap lead lengths are approximately 2 inches on coupling caps, 4 inches on speaker caps; The red lead on coupling caps, and blue striped lead on speakers caps is the foil inner edge.

MusiCap Speaker Capacitors Critical loudspeaker crossover deserve to have a transparent product specific to the application. MusiCap speaker capacitors are identical in design to our standard MusiCaps except for the larger leads, which are 16 gauge, fine-strand, silver-plated copper. It makes little sense to invest in expensive, high-quality speaker cable and internal wiring, only to have the signal pass through solid leads of insufficient gauge. While a fully "MusiCap-ed" crossover is supreme, just installing MusiCaps in the tweeter circuit can reveal much additional detail and nuance.

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